Through the eyes of a Gossip Girl

Hungry for a hunt

If you have a few hours to spare this weekend, and are looking for something to do, might I suggest the Albero hunt? I read about this on SL Free*Style while browsing things to pick up for my alt. So, needless to say, I hopped over to the Albero mall as my neko alt.

This isn’t your grandmother’s easter egg hunt.

There are 28 boxes hidden around the sim–which is quite lovely I might add. Each of those boxes, which aren’t really hard to find, have a key word. Next thing…go to the 28 stores and pick up a mainstore LM. Here’s where it’s tricky…some stores have LM signs right outside…some…you have to find the LM to the mainstore in the owner’s profile.

Next step…going to those mainstores. And locating a box..well, much to my surprise, the box you will find in the store is the same box as the keyword box. Just locate the number on the box, then find the notecard with that number..type /## keyword and viola! Free gift!

Might I suggest cleaning out your notecards and LMs afterwards? hehe

Oh, and one thing I noticed: For some reason….some of the stores that you had to TP to via profile didn’t seem to have a box in their mainstore. Oh well. Still fun though.


Brain Explodiness

Ah, Spring Break, at last. And now, Miss Ellie can finally breathe again.
So as I sit here, listening to the wonderful Rowan Valentine of City of Lost Angels do his Monday show on KCLA radio, I have come to realize that…I really haven’t blogged in a very very very long time.

Something must be done!

Now, I could blog about how excited I am to be taking part in Second Life’s Next Fashion Icon…but that might be a little cliche. ;D

Or, I could blog an outfit that I’m in love with at the moment—even though it has already been blogged by everybody and their alts. Well, the Eva tunic is just that amazing. (And goes well with chocolate Liah boots from Jaywalk!)

But, I could just blog about what’s REALLY driving me up a fashion wall at the moment.

I sort of always imagined this day would come. I was terribly excited when my lovely mum had her’s, even though I went with one of my best friends. I hoped one day it’d be my turn, but I sort of didn’t think it would happen.

So I never planned accordingly.

Surprise, surprise…that day came…or rather, that day is coming.

x.o Granted, all I’m really shopping for is a dress..and shoes…well, I guess I’ll need to get flowers too. But OMG. So much goes into what kind of dress to wear!

Thank God I was able to stop into Last Call and pick up 3 dresses. Though, that meant I had to pick 1 of the 3. And, I had a hard enough time picking those three!

But, I think I’ve narrowed it down now. Oy.

Can someone send me some prim asprin? ;D


I’m tagged

Okay, so I suck. But you’ll get a post soon enough. Like…when I’m back home.

For now, I’ll finally respond to when Whimsy tagged me.

Here are the meme rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I’m reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

“What for?” My dad gets protective of his car.
“Charlie’s got a girlfriend,” My sister said.
“She’s not my girlfriend,” I said.

Ha, that was easy. :3
I’m not up to that part just yet though…

And I tag:
Anyone who hasn’t fkn been tagged yet. o.o



Let’s get technical shall we. Gossipgirls come from the Upper East Side…of New York, which is the city that never sleeps. Thus, I never sleep. Well, almost never.

And in this time of no sleeping, what do I…and some other GGs do? Why, party of course. I randomly got tped to my home away from home last night, only to find about a dozen girls, a Radish and an Aries. So we partied in the street.

But did I go to sleep yet?


Now it’s time to hang out with family. Mum and Aunt Izzy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!<3) to be exact. But what do girls like to do? Shop! Shopshopshop! So Izzy and I took a mad dash to Mischeif for some skineage. Mmmm, Wax Poetic.

Granted, the silliness just grows from there. There was mad gesutring, including some Umbrella dancing to…Umbrella. (Ella. Ella. Ella….you get the picture.)

The silliness carried on until we were all rocking some interesting styles.


Ele’s just a cuteybutt.
Me…I’m a fashion emergency in fishnets from the Celestial city update group, leg warmers and shoes from Reaction, the skirt of my purple Rebel Yell dress from Canimal, my blingphones, and my yellow Umbrella shirt from Armidi.
Izzy’s rocking one of the new novelty t’s from Reaction…men’s I might add.
And that’ girly infront of your cam…that’s Mum! She’s wearing Reaction too…the new Daffodil dresses.

Best of all.
On Me: Rainbeam 2 from Wax Poetic
On Izzy: Fire Starter from Wax Poetic
…We love us some skins.
And at 250L…they’re definitely worth picking up.

Then you can look amazing too!
(I have too many skins >.>)


The Great VDay Conclusion

I think if I delay this update any longer, Carissa just might shank me…and I’d rather that not happen. ;D

So when we last left off on the great Valentine’s Day hunt, I had just found what I considered to be a great gift. But now came the time to listen to the boy wonder what he was going to get me, since there was a small incident involving a ring.

While he shopped, I…shopped, but I mostly participated in other great Valentine’s the gridwide hunt..which reminds me I still have boxes to unpack, and I’ve probably gotten a few weird looks for wearing the boys hoodie from the Reaction gift. (Hey, I thought it was funny ;D)

I spent most of Valentine’s day dancing in CoLA while Stormy Wilde attempted to DJ for 12 straight hours. I was tempted to try and listen for all 12 hours, but that little blue pop up came into the corner of my screen and it was time to change and take off.

Are you all on the edge of your seats dying to find out what I got him yet?

…Or maybe you’re curious about what he got me….

…this is me purposely stalling ;D…..

*avoids getting hit*



On Him:
Aitui Reborn Series Slacks /Black/
[CIVVIES] Buttondown Shirt – Skulls

On Me:
Tiny Dancer Frost by Indyra Originals

He also got me Be My Valentine in black from Paradisis.
Plus my little red Blair ring from Caroline’s…that I got really early.

On another note…
My inventory is ready to explode from all the SHOES and HAIR I bought this week…
but that’s another story for another day. ;D



If you missed it this Friday, then don’t miss JellyBean Madison of Mean Girls and myself over at Boneyard in Alternation for Funky Fridays. ;D

To love or not to Love..that is the question.

Has anyone else noticed that the world of resizing in SL is slowly but surely becoming less of a hassle? And what to we have to thank? Scripts.

Scripts alone can be a hassle and nightmarish, especially in those ever so lovely no script zones–argh, I love it when I accidently turn my AO off and can’t turn it back on, or when I’m staring at my radar wondering why I’m seeing the same names that I just left.

But now, scripts are being something soft and fuzzy that we can hug, much like our Zooby’s sculptie dogs and kittens…well sort of.

My first experience with scripted resizing was a test batch from Calla that was released to a group. Just click on the hair and you get a bunch of little INC and DEC buttons, and even a glorious RESET button, just incase you’ve gone too big. Hair, I usually don’t have a problem with. Perhaps just a little inc 1% and I was set.

Now, just recently I was handed over a ton of shoes–I was literally drowning in shoes!–from Rad for the new kicks at Reaction. Big feature on these shoes: scripted resizing. I don’t think there was a single girls shoe in the batch that I didn’t love (especially the ones named EllieShea), but there was one pair of guys shoes that stood out to me the most. Go figure that they were the Rad shoes.

It was time to really put this resizer to the test. Cos why should boys get a flower and not girls? ;D


Hm, I think I did good. They had to be moved down just a little bit, but other than that, they fit girls rather well. And I hardly take them off.


Junk of the Week

So while I was blog-silent for a week, Second Life certainly was not quiet this past week/weekend!
New releases from Armidi, the grid-wide Anti & Valentine’s day hunt, and of course, the return of Canimal.
And while I may not have blogged a single thing since last Tuesday, I certainly took part in all the fun of the past week! Many lindens were spent at Armidi, I found all but two boxes in the hunt, and boy oh boy have I been like a kid on candy over all the new items at Canimal!
Plus, lets not forget that its that amazing time of the year, where love is the air (everywhere I look around…)
So let’s jump to the junk, shall we? And then maybe I can jump off the sugar as well. New items make me hyper. 🙂

Song: I wanna Hold Your Hand from the Across the Universe Soundtrack. I love me some Beatles, and this song is just done so amazingly cute, I can’t help but love it. Not to mention that I am simply dying to see this movie still.
News: Yep, that’s write, I have news of the week. And that is: The Writer’s Strike is set to be coming to an end. That means we can toss the repeats and craptacular reality tv shows, and hopefully watch some of our prime-time heartthrobs perform some new matieral. Well, soon anyway. Yahoo reports a list of shows that will be shooting 4-8 new episodes between March and June. On that list: Gossip Girl and House. If only Heroes would have made a cameo.
Outfit: Did I mention Canimal is back? In some bright colors too I might add. Oh, and have I ever mentioned that I love Billy Idol? So I love Rebel Yell even more. 🙂
Hair: Rylee Blonde/Purple by Deviant Kitties
Skin: Lumiere from Another Fundraiser
Headphones: Blingphones! Purple by Canimal
Bangles: Oz Bangles by Gritty Kitty
Stockings: Fishernet Tights by Amerie’s Naughty
Shoes: Vidalia Pump metallic noir by Armidi
Outfit: Rebel Yell Purple by Canimal

Gritty Kitty, home of those cute little bangles I’m wearing. As nice as high styled clothes are from time to time, it’s nice to dress down and accessories in some bright colors and funky attitude. Gritty Kitty is your place to be. Hopefully this week I can give you moment to moment news, that is, if I don’t drown in chocolates and love. 😉


Junk of the Week

Right, so I’ve been pretty lazy today. And I think I had decided last week to do Junk of the week on Mondays, but I hate Mondays.
So Tuesday it is.

Let’s see, what can I blame this post on this week? How about winter.
I’m dead tired of winter. I am a beach bum. I like the sun (in moderation), blue skies, and the sound of crashing waves. Not to mention hot surfer boys…but that’s another story.

So while most people are still bundled up in the SL ski coats, I’m breaking free.

Movie: Garden State. It was next on my list of recommended movies, not to mention its been on my list of things to see since it like came out. Started watching it, and so far, fkn great.
Song:  Faster kill, fast pussycat by Oakenfold ft. Brittany Murphy. First heard this song because Tiffer had posted it under my tab in her picks. Now, its at the top of my playlist.  Give it a listen, it may change your life.
Outfit: Now back to the bit about summer and the beach. I’m sure my friends are going to be sick of me laying poolside or out on my surfboard in this really soon….


Hair: Hibiscus light with teal by Calla
Skin: Pale S2 with black brows by Tuli
Outfit: Gridlock {Black} by Reaction Girls
Anklet: Hemp anklet by Reaction

And considering that I’m over come with joy at what goes down on the seventh, I am naming….

Store: Tuli.
Duh. Like that needs an explantion.


The Great (or not so great) VDay Hunt 08

Day One: Sunglasses, sneakers…surf board?
Tattoo. Car. Coat. A ring.
These were all some of the ideas thrown around Tuesday night when I wandered around, trying to find that perfect gift.

First stop: Fashion Feed.
Time to catch up on those mens blogs. I wasn’t really looking to find a present in a blog at the moment though. I wanted something sharp, and possibly original.

So who do I turn to?

None other than the fab Sawyer(<3) of Le.Look!
Who else could style a good looking male av but…a good looking male av?


All of the suggestions from Sawyer really were great ones, but nothing I could see the boy needing/wanting/putting use to.

Later that night after a GG party, and a quick stop to 69 (which I totally have a pair of boots from that I bought AGES ago, and I totally laughed so hard when I saw everyone blogging about 69 all of a sudden), Tiffer and I went on a massive hunt for the perfect present.


Hehe, you have to love Japanese sims. ❤

Well, the night grew old, and I think one of us crashed. So that was it for the day.

Day Two: Blog blog blog. …Blog?

So after an exhausting day, I moved back to blogs, looking purely for inspiration and menswear stores.

Me: could men BE any harder to shop for?
Carissa: could you DO a better Chandler impression?

Needless to say, I was getting frustrated. I was up to my little pixel elbows in men’s blog entries.
For hours I wandered, and I was beginning to wonder if this was going to be worse than the Christmas fiasco.

I had nearly given up when….

What did I find?
Well, you’ll just have to wait until Valentine’s Day to find out, now won’t you?


I come from a land down under..

Well, not really, but I do hang out there a lot. Mostly all of them come from the land down under though! What? You don’t know where I’m talking about?Alternation of course. ;D

They have kangaroos….and pink bunnies.

But obviously, I’m not here to write about kangaroos and pink bunnies. Nope.
Alternation is home to Reaction & Wrong.


So, I won’t lie. I love Wrong’s clothes, but I don’t much go there. Some of the boots though = ❤

Shyt kicker has been my favorite pair so far. And one thing is for sure: the store is nice, the atmosphere is nice, and the clothing quality is amazing.


Here, we have some of the loons I chill with all the time. Myself, my mum Magenta Hampouche, and the lovely owners of Reaction & Reaction Girls: Breezy Biddle and Radical Twang. (He’s rad.)

Again, I won’t lie. Type Reaction into my inventory and watch it explode.

I laze around in grimeR pants, a wonderland top and thongs like…all the time, well, when I’m dressing down that is. And the razzies. Oh, don’t get me started on the razzies. And the hoodies.

Ah, I’m such a hoodie addict. Plus, they have some really cute sneakers. And bikinis. Don’t forget the surfboards.

Needless to say, I can go on and on about Reaction. I probably could about Wrong too.

And that brings me to the BEST part of this update.

24 Hour Crazy Day Sale. ;D
In both Wrong & Reaction.
Everything under 50$L.
So it’s kinda really totally completely obvious that you should be there.

Now excuse me, but there’s a pantie party that require my attention. ;D